Finding True North: [phrase/idiom] to get on the right course; to proceed in the right direction

This blog about Iqaluit was started by Anubha Momin and Sara Statham in August 2013. Since then, the blog has grown to become "the ultimate guide for people who do not live in Nunavut." Check out what's been written about the site and where Finding True North been featured on the In the Press page.


Anubha Momin is a writer, performer, and digital specialist who lives and works out of Iqaluit, Nunavut. Since arriving in Iqaluit from Toronto in 2012, Anubha has been an active member of the community, contributing most notably through her blog, Finding True North. From how-to guides to interviews with the Prime Minister to Northern music reviews, Anubha takes a hyper-local approach that appeals to her Nunavut base - as well as national readers. In addition to blogging, Anubha is an active member of the Iqaluit arts community, lending her skills as Production Manager of Qanurli?, the only series filmed entirely in Nunavut, Project Manager with Qaggiavuut!, as well as various other film and television projects both on and off screen. She is also the proud owner of four snowmobiles.

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