Our Picks for the 2015 Frozen Globe Awards


The 2015 Frozen Globe Awards will be presented on April 30th at a gala event in Iqaluit. The annual affair, hosted by Up Here Magazine, is meant to "shine a spotlight on the best Northern Business has to offer." Featuring nominees from all three territories, there are a total of eight categories, plus a People's Choice Award, for which you can vote until April 22.

When scrolling through the nominee list, you may note several businesses that have been previously featured on this here blog. We think it's pretty cool that we've been able to work and collaborate with many notable local organizations and companies! Here are a few a particular standouts in the running for a 2015 Frozen Globe Award.

Best Entrepreneur, Small- to Medium-Sized Business (Nunavut)

Arctic Kingdom

Arctic Kingdom is a multi-faceted outfitter that provides clients with unique trips, tours, and excursions all over Nunavut. We have plenty of firsthand experience with Arctic Kingdom, snowmobiling with them to the floe edge in Iqaluit, scuba diving into super cold Frobisher Bay, and (full disclosure alert) even leading city and boat tours as guides ourselves. In addition to outfitting resources, Arctic Kingdom can also provide full event planning services in Iqaluit. Finally, the staff pride themselves on providing outstanding customer service, regularly going above and beyond to ensure their clients' needs are satisfied.


Nominees in this category are supposed to demonstrate "innovative marketing," and no one in Iqaluit is doing that quite like Asukuluk. In various locations throughout town, Asukuluk has installed AsukulukTVs, broadband-connected screens that display relevant information, like weather and flight statuses, as well as other entertaining or engaging content, like news and local events. We recently partnered with Asukuluk to sync photos tagged on Instagram with #TT50, Toonik Tyme's official hashtag (check out the top 10 photos from Toonik Tyme!), and will continue to use the screens to showcase nunagram entries. Digital content, crowdsourcing, and live updates - this definitely sounds like innovation to us!

The Discovery - Iqaluit's Boutique Hotel

There are only a few high-end service providers in Iqaluit, and the Discovery may be the best. At least, that's what voters in our Best of Iqaluit 2014 poll said: the Discovery's restaurant, the Granite Room, won the Best Upscale Dinner category. From the food to the decor to the service, there is a great attention to detail, which is necessary when you want to provide "unexpected luxury" in the Arctic.

I Like Cake

I Like Cake is already a Frozen Globe favourite: the cafe won the 2014 Best New Business Frozen Globe Award. We also love I Like Cake, not only for the food (Sadie still holds the honour of making the very best butter tart Anubha has ever eaten), but also for the company's grassroots approach to marketing (Sadie tweets out daily specials) and commitment to the community. With a growing catering branch and a busy cafe, I Like Cake is an award-winning new business that seems poised to stay for the long haul.

Inhabit Media

Inhabit Media is the only independently-owned publishing company located in the Arctic. Their mandate is to promote and preserve Inuit history and culture through stories, an approach that has been met with both creative and critical success. Notable examples include Skraelings, an adventure novel set in the ancient Arctic, which was shortlisted for a 2014 Governor General's Literary Award, and Sweetest Kulu, a book that is just full of feels and was named Best Bedtime Book by the Huffington Post. Inhabit's co-founders were also recently recognized with the Nunavut's Council of the Federation Literacy Award, a testament to the organization's importance and impact in the territory.

Best New Business

Saimavik Studio

Run by human powerhouse, Christine Lil Bear Lamothe, and her partner, Gary Quinangnaq Philip, Saimavik in Iqaluit's first and only yoga studio. The centre also offers other classes, like pilates and dance, and it houses a massage parlour. All of this aligns with Lamothe's desire to promote global wellness and health in the territory. Check out Up Here's profile of Saimavik Studio, which includes great quotes from Lamothe like, "Take health into your own hands," and browse our Iqaluit shopping guide for a look at the studio's shop, where you can buy handmade, sealskin yoga mat straps.

Victoria's Arctic Fashion

Real talk: We've been trying to do a feature on Victoria Kakuktinniq, owner of Victoria's Arctic Fashion, for months, but she's just too busy! Between custom orders and fashion shows, Kakuktinniq is occupied sewing, designing, and promoting her fine winter fashion, which Up Here Magazine called "sexier parkas." Combining traditional garment production techniques with modern touches, like corset backs and asymmetrical silhouettes, Victoria's Arctic Fashion is at the cutting edge of Nunavut couture. And hey, if her work is good enough for Jesse Mike, then it's good enough for us!

Most Innovative Company


You could say that Finding True North and Pinnguaq are in a bit of a mutual lovefest: the tech innovator has called us "the ultimate guide for people who do not live in Nunavut" and its founder, Ryan Oliver, has penned a guest post for us about online dating in Nunavut. But beyond this digital romance is a profound respect for Pinnguaq's dedication to language and cultural preservation via the use of new technology. From code clubs for youth to language apps that use Inuktitut music to partnerships with the Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre, Pinnguaq is a pioneer in Arctic modernization.

Who are your favourites for the 2015 Frozen Globe Awards? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook, and don't forget to vote before April 22!