1 Year Blog Anniversary!


Hurrah! Today we are celebrating our first blog anniversary! Three hundred and sixty five days ago, we wrote our very first blog post, a short and sweet hello to our future readers. Since then, we have amassed what we think are some of the very best travel and lifestyle articles about Iqaluit, thanks very much to contributions from our readership. Take a look at where this blogging journey has taken us, and how it started.

Blog Anniversary Infographic

So what does a year of blogging about Iqaluit look like? We've summed it all up in one infographic.

A Look Back at Our Early Posts

As noted above, we now have over 80 posts on Finding True North! Join us on a trip down (short-term) memory lane as we look at some of our early writings.

Facts About Iqaluit: Basic stats and facts about Iqaluit from Wikipedia, contextualized by our own experiences as residents. And, we answer the age-old question, "So like, what do people do for fun in Iqaluit?"

Moving to Iqaluit in 8 Easy StepsA retrospective of Anubha's transition from big city nights to northern lights.

#NunavutMovies: In January 2013, Nunavut's Twitter folk were embroiled in a challenge to create Nunavut parody movie names. This post summarizes some of the best entries and explains what makes "101 Iqaluit Specials" so darn funny.

The $2,000 KamiikStill one of our most popular posts, in The $2,000 Kamiik, Sara gives readers a brief lesson on kamiik (Inuit boots), including a pair that sold for $2,000! (For the record, we'd rather wear kamiik than Vuitton.)

Google Street View IqaluitGoogle came to town armed with backpack cameras and hiking boots. Using these images, Anubha created a virtual town tour for those who want to see the North without getting their feet cold.

Seal Hunt at the Floe Edge: Photos from Sara's first seal hunt at the floe edge, from November 2011.

Life in Iqaluit: We Need an App for That: Anubha's suggestions for Iqaluit-specific apps that smartphone users would love to use on our new 3G network.

Finally, thanks to all of you for reading and sharing and liking our posts. We have some weird and wonderful ideas for our upcoming year, so stay tuned for that. And if you have any ideas or requests for future blog posts, please let us know in the comments or via Twitter and/or Instagram!

Happy first blog anniversary from us both!