Get Yer Toques! Available Now - IQALUIT ONLY

The time has come! Limited edition Finding True North toques are available for purchase in Iqaluit.


Yes! For only $25, you can own your very own Finding True North toque. The toques are custom-knit, high quality, one-size fits all, and obviously super stylish.

There are two ways you can get your hands on these:

  1. Unikkaarvik Visitor Centre
  2. Saimavik Studio

The hats are super limited - each location has a set number - so get one now!

And what if you're not in Iqaluit? Just hold tight - I am sorting out shipping and delivery options and hoping I can get these babies out to all the corners of the world soon...if there are any left, that is!

AND, if you do purchase a toque, take a selfie and tag it with #FTNtoque! I'd love to see and share the photos.