3 Non-Gym Options for Health and Wellness in Iqaluit


If you're looking for ways to achieve health and wellness in Iqaluit, you may have already stumbled across Finding True North's Iqaluit gym guide, which compares the two biggest public gyms in town. But what if treadmills and weights are not your thing? Or maybe you're a transient or temporary resident who isn't ready to commit to a gym membership. Perhaps you want to try something new! Whatever your reason, there are still plenty of ways to get a workout in Iqaluit without stepping into a gym. Here are three of them; add more in the comments, please!

Saimavik Studio

Recently, I worked on a piece about healthy living in Nunavut with Christine Lil*Bear Lamothe, co-owner of Saimavik Studio. Saimavik's regular schedule includes a variety of yoga and pilates classes, with some specialty classes, like kids dance or family sessions, offered in between. Most of the sessions are drop-in, or, you can guarantee a spot by registering online.

What's great about Saimavik is that the studio has different pay options, depending on how much you think you'll use the space. For first-timers, a drop-in class will cost you only $8! Check out the Saimavik Studio Facebook page for promotional pricing, too.

AMBA's Hip Hop

What I really love about this program, and what I think makes it so different from any other fitness-y option in town, is that Anne-Marie brings her love for dance beyond the studio and to the stage, recruiting previously inexperienced dancers from the classes to perform with her at a number of functions throughout the year. It's a great confidence booster for those involves, and a really awesome addition to the arts scene for the spectators.

You can register for multiple classes or drop-in when you can ($20 per class). Check the Saimavik Studio page for AMBA's Hip Hip schedule, or send Anne-Marie a message on Facebook!


Another new addition to town! Created by Hasan Mane, who describes NunaFit (featured in the header photo) as a "fitness and wellness movement," the organization offers Muay Thai/kickboxing programs and circuit training out of the Nanook School gym. They offer a flexible evening and weekend schedule, with youth- and women-only options. And they have all the equipment you need to get started!

If you haven't tried Muy Thai or kickboxing before, NunaFit offers free trials. If you dig it, you can choose one of a few pricing options to continue: $100 per month (12 classes) for the women's classes, or $150 a month for the full beginner or advanced training option. Full details and information on personal training available from the NunaFit team. Head over to the NunaFit Facebook page for more information or to get registered!

Have you tried any of these programs for health and wellness in Iqaluit? Leave a comment, or suggest another option that's worked for you!