Iqaluit Christmas Round-Up: Craft Sale and Christmas Lights

A section of this post originally appeared on the Go Girl Travel Network. Merry, merry Christmas dear readers! It's that special time of year, and Iqaluit has been preparing and celebrating for the last three weeks. Below are recaps and photos for two of Iqaluit's biggest holiday events, the Christmas Craft Sale and the Qaumakuluit! Christmas Light Decoration Contest.

Christmas Craft Sale

Iqaluit's Christmas Craft Sale is a three-hour event held every December at the Inuksuk High School. As you can imagine, this one-stop shop for all things Arctic is equally chaotic and convenient. A cross between a flea market and an artists’ showcase, the Christmas Craft Sale is so popular that the customer line-up begins hours before the doors are scheduled to open.

So is it worth it? In my opinion, yes (and I don’t really like shopping). There is a mix of items available, but the focus of interest is on local, handmade, and artisanal products (and it is the best place to pick up suggested items from our Holiday Gift Guide). For the selection, prices, and festive feeling, the Craft Sale is not to be missed.

My Christmas Craft Sale purchases: three ulu with caribou bone handles, caribou antler earrings, walrus ivory studs, art cards from In Fine Feather (co-created by our own Sara Statham!), postcard from Olive Photos.


Qaumakuluit! Christmas Light Decoration Contest

Every year, the City of Iqaluit holds the Qaumakuluit! Christmas Light Decoration Contest. Contestants light up their houses, which are then reviewed by a panel of judges. The winners receive various prizes, including return airfare to Ottawa! Check out the slideshow below for three of this year's most brilliant abodes.

I hope you enjoyed these festive photos! Happy holidays and the best of the season to you and yours.