EXCLUSIVE: The Jerry Cans Music Video Debut, Plus Upcoming Shows and More


Readers of the blog will be more than aware of our love affair with The Jerry Cans, one of Iqaluit's many homegrown talents. We've entreated Ottawa and Toronto residents to see The Cans live, and included one of their songs in our list of Northern love songs for Valentine's Day (a list that was very much informed by the gracious counsel of Andrew Morrison, lead singer of the band). And now, we have something new - like, really new! The Jerry Cans have asked us to debut the music video for their latest single, Alianait.

The Jerry Cans Music Video for Alianait

The video was shot last March at the 8th Wonder of the World (as designated by Andrew), the Snowking's castle in Yellowknife. Filmed, edited, and produced by aRTLess Collective, a Yellowknife-based video production company and creators behind the Dead North Film Festival - a true east-west Northern partnership.

A New Set of Cans

The original Jerry Cans are Andrew, lead singer and guitarist; Nancy Mike, throat singer and accordionist; Brendan Doherty (Dotes), bassist and vocals; Steve Rigby, drummer and vocals; and Gina Burgess, violinist and vocals. On top of being talented musicians, the band members are unique and passionate individuals who are chasing many dreams. Nancy, for example, is currently doing her nursing practicum in her home community of Pangirtung. Oh, and she and Andrew just had their second baby, Laivee. No big deal, right?

As for Dotes, he and his partner Lauren are on a trip of a lifetime, overlanding from the UK to South Africa, and blogging about it on their site, Because Adventure. You can also follow their journey on Instagram and Facebook - highly recommended if you like beautiful photos and witty comments.

Of course, being in different places can be difficult for a band - or so you would think. Thankfully for The Jerry Cans, they can pull from the musician-rich pool of Nunavummiut to fill in the gaps. Here are two of their special additions.

Robert Aube

Andrew described Rob as "a long term Iqalummiuq who I am trying to convince to write a book about the history of the Iqaluit music scene." Rob is taking Dotes' place as The Cans' bassist. Rumour has it that Rob has played with every band in Iqaluit at some point or another, possibly because the veteran musician can play a number of instruments, including my favourite, the electric upright bass. No surprise then that Andrew said that The Cans "are super lucky to jam with him."

Robert Aube (left) plays the electric upright bass with the Northern Ramblers. Photo by Jason Devries.

Robert Aube (left) plays the electric upright bass with the Northern Ramblers. Photo by Jason Devries.

Rita Claire Mike-Murphy

Nancy's cousin and fellow throat-singer, Rita apparently learned to play the accordion in about three weeks so she could cover Nancy's parts for the next few shows. "Rita is going to be a super star in the Nunavut music scene," Andrew mused, "When that happens, I get to say I knew her when she was a 10 year old punk at music camp." If that wasn't endearing enough, Andrew also sees Rita as part of a growing crop of young artists in Nunavut, saying, "There are so many amazingly talented youth in this territory. It is wild."

Rita Claire Mike-Murphy. Photo by David Kilabuk.

Rita Claire Mike-Murphy. Photo by David Kilabuk.

Upcoming Shows

With their interim members chosen, The Jerry Cans are poised to begin months of tours and performances. Here are some soon-happening shows you can check out.

2015 Spring Equinox Celebration hosted by Tungasuvvingat Inuit OttawaDate: Friday, March 20, 2015 Location: Ottawa, Ontario

FOLK It AllDate: Saturday, March 21, 2015 Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Puvirnituq Snow FestivalDate: Sunday,March 22, 2015 and Monday, March 23, 2015 Location: Puvirnituq, Quebec

Kattitavik Theatre Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Location: Kuujjaq, Quebec

Winnipeg Folk FestivalDate: July 9-12, 2015 Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

I know what you're thinking - no Iqaluit dates? "There might be some Toonik Tyme madness," Andrew told me. "Still confirming those ones."

Are you going to any of the upcoming shows?What do you think of  the latest Jerry Cans music video? Let us know in the comments!