Our 14 Most Read Blog Posts of 2014


Happy New Year's Eve! Would you believe that 2014 brought you 88 blog posts from Finding True North? From local events to helpful guides, we published a lot of content - and it looks like you liked it! Here are our 14 most read blog posts of 2014. Click on the titles to read the full posts! If you missed out on last year's most popular posts, you can also check out our Top 13 Blog Posts of 2013.

14. 9 Reasons Toonik Tyme is Not Your Average Small-Town Festival

Toonik Tyme, Iqaluit's spring festival, draws a crowd for a number of reasons, seal-skinning (picture below) being one of them. If this year's events were any indication, we are in for a grand party for next year's 50th celebration.

13. Mulcair is in Iqaluit and Actually Speaking to Iqalummiut

Thomas Mulcair, leader of the NDP party, along with Romeo Saganash, MP and Deputy Critic for Intergovernmental Aboriginal Affairs with the NDP, made a stop in Iqaluit this fall. In this post, Anubha summarized the conversation and the response from Iqalummiut.

12. Diary of an Iqaluit Blizzard

It happened nearly one year ago: the Iqaluit Blizzard of 2014. With 140 km/h winds and 13 hours without power, isolation, boredom, and paranoia may have got the best of Anubha...

11. Iqaluit Neighbourhood Guide

Happy Valley. Legoland. Tundra Ridge. Confused? We were, too. That's why Sara – geographer at heart – described and mapped Iqaluit's first-ever neighbourhood guide.

10. House Hunting in Iqaluit

Finding accommodation in Iqaluit is no easy task, so Sara put together a quick guide to help others find their home sweet home.

9. [GUEST POST] Gustavo’s Guide to Aeroplan, Part Two: Booking a Reward Ticket

Long overdue, our friend and rewards-points-fanatic Gustavo Oliveira wrote a detailed guide to booking Aeroplan rewards tickets from Southern Canada to Iqaluit.

8. Roundup: Iqaluit Dumpcano Video and Timeline

Few things in Nunavut were as talked about in 2014 than Iqaluit's infamous dumpcano. To catch our readers up to speed, we curated a timeline of notable events accompanied by a rather poignant and somehow beautiful video of our massive pile of burning garbage.

7. Prospecting in Nunavut

Sara spent a weekend collecting rocks. It was more fun than it sounds. Don't believe us? Check out her photos from one hell of a trip.

Camping 100 kilometers down the bay from Iqaluit.
Camping 100 kilometers down the bay from Iqaluit.

6. [GUEST POST] Aeroplan to Iqaluit, Part One: Choosing the Right Credit Card

Another one for the bookmark bar: Gustavo's breakdown of Aeroplan and Air Miles credit cards, and his recommendation as to which is best for Iqalummiut.

5. Parka N°1: Iqaluit Parka Course and a Pullover

Anubha's summary of the Tukisigiarvik parka course, as well as photos of the very first parka she ever made.

4. Composting in Iqaluit: Our Firsthand Account of a Dirty Job

Somehow, photos of us picking up peoples' food scraps was enough to make the top four?! But on a serious note, the popularity of this post really speaks to the interest and desire of Iqalummiut to improve our waste management.

3. Best of Yurt Fest 2014

Yurt Fest is probably the social event of the year in Iqaluit, and with Toronto rapper Rich Kidd and VICE in attendance, 2014 was surely the biggest and baddest ever. We were blown away by the entire evening (which continued into morning...), so we compiled various highlights – including Best WTF Moments.

2. What to Expect When Scuba Diving in the Arctic

Sara braved the frigid waters of Frobisher Bay and captured it all on a GoPro. Much of this blog post's success can be attributed to the feature on Yahoo!, the skill of Atiigo Media, and the catchy tune from Bear Mountain.

1. Goodbye, Polarman: Our Exit Interview with Iqaluit’s Real Life Superhero

No description necessary, really. This was our tribute to a local legend.

A huge THANK YOU for following along in 2014! We hope to keep you entertained and enthralled in 2015.

Did your favourite blog post make the list? If not, please let us know which one was most memorable for you – we're always happy to hear from you via Twitter, Facebook, or in the comment section below!