What If Blockbuster Films Were Made into Nunavut Movies?


Back in January of 2013, Twitter user @Nuliayuk introduced the hashtag #NunavutMovies; the idea was to take a movie title and "Nunavutize" it. The idea had northern tweeps totally twitterpated - and Canada, too! https://twitter.com/Teirersias/status/294288984123797505

Not only were the tweets incredibly clever and funny, but the parody movies also offered insight into various realities of Nunavut living via humour. So, I thought I would use select some great examples of Nunavut Movies to give our readers a unique introduction to the territory. Scroll down for some hilarious tweets (coming from some seriously funny tweeps), followed by simple explanations to help non-northerners navigate the punchlines.

What's in a Name?

Actual Movies Titles: Cool Hand Luke, When Harry Met Sally

Lucassie and Salmonie are the Inuk versions of Lucas and Solomon respectively. Story has it that traditional Inuit names were too hard for missionaries, and so Bible names were "Inuitized."

Know Your Places

Actual Movie Titles: Bonnie and Clyde, Pan's Labyrinth, On Golden Pond

These above tweets refer to various Nunavut hamlets: Clyde RiverPangnirtung, and Pond Inlet.

Actual Movie Titles: Revolutionary Road, There's Something About Mary, Beasts of the Southern Wild

Not townships, but places of interest are featured in these tweets, like the Road to Nowhere, which is a street name and subdivision in Iqaluit. Mary River is an iron ore mine project, and Southern Baffin is the name for the lower half of Baffin Island, the fifth largest island in the world and the part of Nunavut in which Iqaluit is located.

Animal Behaviour

Actual Movie Titles: 101 Dalmations, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Old Man and the Sea

The only joke here that is not self-expalanatory is "101 Iqaluit Specials." "Iqaluit special" is the name given to the "stubby-legged, long-bodied" mutts that wander around the territory's capital. Rumour has it that they have husky and corgi ancestry, though all I can verify is that they are quite fiesty and very cute.

Weather and Climate, Obviously

Like we wouldn't bring this up.

Actual Movie Titles: Zero Dark Thirty, Dumb and Dumber, (500) Days of Summer, The Wizard of Oz

I have another one: Fog Days of Summer.

Foodie Fun

Actual Movie Titles: Harold and Kumar Go to White CastleNo Country for Old Men

On opposite ends of the spectrum, the Snack is arguably Iqaluit's greasiest spoon and home of the $20 poutine, while country food refers to the nutrient-rich foods of the traditional Inuit diet.

Actual Movie Titles: The Grapes of Wrath, Million Dollar Baby

These tongue-in-cheek tweets make reference to the territory well-documented problems with food insecurity. Nunavummiut spend an average of $14,815 per year on food, double the national average of $7,262 per year, due to the high cost of food.

Arts and Culture

Actual Movie Titles: Dirty DancingThe Wedding SingerThe Land Before TimeThe Devil Wears Prada

Drum dancing and throat singing are two beautiful forms of Inuit art, both of which are featured during Toonik Tyme, Iqaluit's annual spring festival. Rannva is a fashion label run out of Apex, a subdivision of Iqaluit, that features arctic-inspired fashions with a twist.

Gone Huntin'

Actual Movie Title: Good Will Hunting


Actual Movie Titles: Dude, Where's My Car?, You've Got Mail

Shipping delays and snowmobiles; the life of a Nunavut resident.

What do you think of these Nunavut Movies? Do you have any suggestions for new titles? Let us know in the comments or follow us on Twitter (we're funny, too, sometimes!).