My Nunavut Valentine


Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers! I was trying to come up with a witty post about romance in the north (example: date night can consist of sliding down the hill behind our house to burn cardboard in an empty oil drum), but was blessed to receive two sets of amazing northern-themed Valentine's Day cards from two very funny friends. First up are these love notes designed by the super talented Colleen Healey, author of the gorgeous home decor blog, Arctic Deco (I wish I'd thought of that name!). For Arctic Deco, Colleen usually focuses on DIY projects and the challenges/successes of furnishing a home in the Arctic (check out this post about flowering bulbs that you can grow north of 60!). For Love Day, however, Colleen put down her paintbrush and decided to offset her carbon footprint with a set of climate-conscious Valentines, perfect for the environmentalist in your life.

If you're interested in learning more about sustainability and climate change in Nunavut, check out Climate Change Nunavut's official website.

Thermosyphoning is simply the process of heat exchange from liquids, and it is used to prevent permafrost from degrading.

While the incredible shrinkage of the polar ice sheets is no laughing matter, this card definitely is.

Tank farms are used to store the oil that is delivered to Iqaluit and other Nunavut communities once a year. Looks like these tank farms could use a little touch of thermosyphon!

Now on to another set of cards, designed by someone who should be no stranger to fans of Finding True North: Sandi Chan, author of "10 Ways Iqaluit is Like a Campus" (she was also featured in my recent post about Iqaluit's awesome thrift store). Sandi's Valentines are all about Nunavut puns and experiences.

Action Packers are the bad boys of the luggage world.

You can add fishing for Arctic char to my list of possible Nunadates.

Blizzards can make you feel either romantic or neurotic (or maybe that's just me?).

Thank you to Colleen and Sandi for these hilarious and heartwarming Nunavutized Valentines! If you like them, leave us a V-Day message in the comments or send us a sappy love tweet!