How You Watched the Season 5 Qanurli? Premiere, in Tweets, Posts, and Photos

Last night, I curled up on the couch with my family to watch the Season 5 Qanurli? Premiere on APTN. It's been almost a year since we started working on the Inuktut comedy show's latest installment, for which I am Production Manager and Unit Publicist; watching the first two episodes, it felt like just yesterday.

To celebrate the season - the first one made independently by the now one-year old Qanukiaq Studios - the team created a hashtag and contest.

Based on your tweets and posts, here's what was being said and done during the #QanurliPremiere last night!

Viewing Parties

#qanurlipremiere visitors!

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Our #qanurlipremiere party @qanukiaq

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Behind-the-Scenes Reminiscing

Cable TV Envy

Or streaming video, oh wait.

Inuktitut Lessons

As I've written before, language preservation is so important in Nunavut and other Inuit communities, and Qanurli? is part of the fight for its survival. Also, translating English words literally into another language is a common pastime of any other-language speaker (I do it all the time with my brother in Bangla), precisely because it is so simply and stupidly funny (lol at Justin Napaaqtuq [tree] Tasi [lake]).

General Giggles and Glee

On Trend Trending

Qanurli? airs every Monday night at 7:00 CT on APTN North, and every Tuesday on APTN everywhere else. Check out the Season 5 trailer or their latest newsletter to get a feel for Season 5, and be sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest news, photos, and posts.