Here's What People Are Saying About the New Starbucks in Iqaluit


News of a Starbucks in Iqaluit was first reported last year, with the cafe projected to open in February 2015.

Alas, the initial opening date was passed, and Iqalummiut put their Triple Venti Soy No-Foam Latte dreams aside. That is until...

Aaron's babysitter was not lying, and as of July 1st, the Starbucks in Iqaluit was officially open. And people couldn't believe it.

The cafe currently serves a small selection from the full Starbucks menu, staples like Americanos, cappuccinos, lattes - all available in sizes Tall to Venti. The most popular order, though, seems to be the Caramel Macchiato, one of the chain's specialty drinks that is unprecedented in the Iqaluit coffee scene.

The emergence of the giant coffee franchise into Iqaluit's service and hospitality market has some clear implications for the city, namely, access to more choice for your caffeine fix.

Not usually into franchises but at least Iqaluit's got a new option. Starbucks. Not bad!

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Fun fact: According to my research, Whitehorse held the record for "northernmost Starbucks in Canada" when their outlet opened in 2005. Well, Iqaluit is three degrees North of Whitehorse, meaning that, unless there is a Starbucks in Inuvik, we may be able to lay claim to the northernmost Starbucks in the country (but not the world; that one is in Fairbanks).

So does the Northern location come with Northern prices? Yes. That Tall Caramel Macchiato will cost you $7.15 up here, but ranges in price from just over $4.00 to $5.03 down south. Worth it for the option, right? Well, if the option is there.

As some have noted, the cafe is not a full-service Starbucks (so maybe Whitehorse can keep the title, if we're being technical).

#Starbucks just opened up here, with a limited menu (no soy lattes) #Iqaluit #Nunavut #arctic #vacation

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#Iqaluit has a quasi-#Starbucks! Look at us! ☕️

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Quasi-Starbucks or not, the entry of the American mega-corporation has some people feeling patriotic.

(Except Burger King now owns Tim Hortons.)

Whether your java allegiance leans towards Roll Up the Rim or Skinny Lattes, we can all agree on one thing: let's not settle this coffee war on the streets.

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