26 Photos That Prove Summer in Nunavut Exists and is Awesome


This year, summer in Nunavut was as elusive as a political leader behind dump trucks.

Suffice it to say that we waited a long, long time for summer in Nunavut to arrive this year - but once she came, oh did we ever bask in her glory.

It may not be hot. It may not last for months. Frankly, it may not even resemble your idea of summer. But summer in Nunavut is beautiful and unique and we damn well sure know how to take advantage of it. Here are some of the activities and occurrences that make the season special.

Goin' fishin'.

Maggie #fishing #nunagram #Nunavut

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#glorious #arcticchar #nunavut #nunagram #qikiqtarjuaq #qiklife #nomnom

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Happy Saturday Nunavut. #nunagram @#summer2015

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Anything on the water.

One of the best views last night while we were out all night. #nofilter #calmnight #nunagram #toogood

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The very best September days #nunagram

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Or less commonly, in the water.

When the thermometer surpasses double digits and the breeze is just strong enough to deter mosquitoes, you jump right in.

High of 20 degrees? That calls for a swim and a soft-serve. #nunagram

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Rainbow game is strong.

Rainbow in Rankin! #Nunavut #nunagram #Pride

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Rainbow over mount Duval 🌈 #panniqtuuq #alaniq #rainbow #ourland #pretty #nunagram

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Campfires, bonfires, any kind of fire.

The pyro in us all loves summer.

Let's dance with fire! #usualbonfirepicture #Summer #nunagram #iqaluit #burnedmyselfalittlebit

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Long walks on the beach.

Beach afternoon #nunagram #explore #nofilter

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Why, yes, this is Nunavut! Picking mussels off the ocean floor, two hours away from #RankinInlet by ATV.

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We haven't had much luck with berries this year around Iqaluit, but the rest of the North is coming through with the tiny tart treats.

Tundra treasures.

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Nephew brought berries over from Kugluktuk. #thankful #crowberries #nunagram

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Epic hikes.

Forever river hopping with my loves β€οΈβ˜€οΈ

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Teeny-tiny, oh-so-perfect tundra blooms.

#nature #beautiful #macro #photograph

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Days and nights at the cabin or camping.

Tundra on fire.

As temperatures cool at the end of August, the flora adopts an autumnal palette. The shifting seasons are always so pretty and - as it says in the Instagram caption above - not at all governed by our dates or deadlines.

Autumn colours on the tundra.

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Rad. #nunagram #iqaluit

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#tundrabeauty #ilovethearctic #iqaluit #nunagram

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And those summer skies.

Long, long, long days have their upsides, if you can stay/wake up late/early enough to meet the sun when it's low in the sky.

About 6:30AM. A beautiful sight in Cambridge Bay #allthecoloursofarainbow #rainbow #nunagram #YCB

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Nice evening for fishing #Iqaluit #nunavut #nunagram

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