Top 10 Toonik Tyme Photos from #TT50


After over a week of awesome activities, the 50th anniversary of Toonik Tyme is officially over. With multiple events going on at any given time, it was near impossible to experience everything. Luckily, many Iqalummiut were actively sharing their Toonik Tyme photos on social media using the official #TT50 hashtag - and we've been featuring our favourite photos on our Instagram account during the entire festival! Not only that, but we also shared your Toonik Tyme photos on TwitterFacebook, and for the first time, on Asukuluk TV screens across town. 

In this list, you will find the top 10 featured Toonik Tyme photos as decided by number of likes on Instagram. From igloo-building to seal-skinning to chess, these photos represent the spectrum of events and activities from this year's festivities.

10. Team of two by @pbeland (Skijoring)

9.  Big crowd by @thereal_fake (Seal Skinning Demonstration)

8. Chess under a beluga by @idemeester (Chess Tournament)

7. Unconventional trophy by @cjonesphoto (Skijoring)

6. Nation II Nation on vinyl by (Big Band Night)

5. Tuckered out by @candyinuk (Dog Team Race)

4. Hoop dancer by (Big Band Night)

3. Perspective by @sitiivan (Ice Fishing)

2. Igluit by @likeajboss (Igloo Building)

1. Falling flames by @igloo939 (Fireworks)

A huge thank you to everyone who tagged their Toonik Tyme photos with #TT50 and #nunagram! Keep your Nunavut photos coming, and keep an eye out for more #nunagram photos on AsukulukTV!

Header photo courtesy of Toonik Tyme.