Our Top 13 Blog Posts of 2013


Happy New Year! We are so excited to continue our Nuna-blogging journey into 2014, but before we share some new and exciting content, here's a look back at our most popular* posts from our last (and first!) year. *Based on average number of page views until December 31, not including anything published after December 10.

10 Ways Iqaluit is Like a Campus

A guest post by the very funny Sandi Chan, 10 Ways Iqaluit is Like a Campus tells you why living in this town is just like being back at school.

Life in Iqaluit: We Need an App for That

In response to the recent introduction of 3G wireless technology to Iqaluit, Life in Iqaluit: We Need an App for That offers suggestions for Iqaluit-specific apps that are sure to get everyone on the smartphone grid.

Moving to Iqaluit Made Easy: Ted's 8 Easy Steps

There’s nothing like seeing your former lover leaning in to kiss her new boy to expedite a big move. Here is how guest blogger Ted Cousins ended up moving to Iqaluit in 8 easy steps, guaranteed.

Transient Researcher to (Semi) Permanent Resident

Frosty Lashes
Frosty Lashes

From researcher to resident, this post chronicles Sara's journey to the north.

Chocolate, Chapstick, and Baby Wipes: Anubha's Arctic Survival Essentials

Selected as a Top 10 Travel Blog Article in December by the Creation Curation team, here are Anubha's suggestions to get yourself ready to go out on the land.

From Toronto to Iqaluit in 8 Easy Steps

Big city nights to northern lights: this is Anubha's story about moving to Nunavut.

Turkey on the Tundra

Pavilion at Sylvia Grinnell Park
Pavilion at Sylvia Grinnell Park

Photos from last year's Thanksgiving feast, wherein we rented out the pavilion at Sylvia Grinnell Park for a party-size potluck with our nearest and dearest.

Facts About Iqaluit

Our very first post! We take facts and figures from Wikipedia and put them in context to give our readers some perspective on what Iqaluit is all about.

The $2000 Kamiik

If you had $2000 to spend on footwear, how would you spend it? Sara's kamiik post will show you your options in Nunavut. Would you buy a pair of designer shoes, or get on Iqaluit Auction Bids to get pair of handmade seal skin boots. (For the record, we'd rather wear kamiik than Vuitton.)

The Hunt for White October

Heffley after the blizzard.

Heffley after the blizzard.

A photo essay of Iqaluit's first blizzard of the 2013/14 winter. Yes, it was in October.

Seal Hunt at the Floe Edge

Retrieving the seal.
Retrieving the seal.

Another beautiful photo essay, this time capturing a hunting trip to the floe edge.

Google (Street View) Does Iqaluit

A virtual tour of Iqaluit, created by combining images from Google Street View with local perspective.

Searching for Kenojuak

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

Sara's twenty-month, nation-wide search for a one-of-a-kind find from the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection.

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