Top 16 Photos from Toonik Tyme 2016

Toonik Tyme 2016 just finished this weekend - the 51st celebration of Iqaluit's spring festival! And, like last year, Finding True North hosted the (now) Annual Toonik Tyme Instagram Contest. The rules are simple: users tag their photos to #TT16, and I share the best photos each day on the blog Instagram account. Then, you, the people, like your favourites, and the photo with the most likes is crowned the winner (check out last year's top photos).

Here are the top 16 photos from Toonik Tyme 2016, as decided by number of likes (order is correct at time of posting). Scroll down to see the Toonik Tyme 2016 Instagram Contest winner!

16. Inuit Games by moukmouk9

15. Snowmobile Drag Race by panigaq

14. Igloo Building Contest by caroroscoe

13. Opening Ceremonies by igloo939

12. Uphill Race by moukmouk9

11. Drag Races by mr.jeffizzle

10. Nunavut Flag by jordankonek

9. Inuit Games by idemeester

8. Traditional Village by alonzovondangerous

7. Seal Skinning Competition by ashleystrohan

6. Tea and Bannock Competition by siutiapik

5. Seal Skinning Competition by willhops

4. Crowds on the Ice by megmounce

3. Traditional Village by akuluk_xo

2. Crowds at the Uphill Race by humanbeingbrandi

And the winner is...

1. Dog Team Races by idemeester

Congratulations, Isaac! You've won a 2L Stanley Thermos plus a fishing rod, reel, and lure, all courtesy of Toonik Tyme and Finding True North!

Thanks to everyone who shared and tagged their photos. Hope you all had a great Toonik Tyme 2016, and see you next year.