Will Sasso in Iqaluit is the Best and Here's Proof

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In a recent post, I wrote that Iqaluit is a very popular destination for film and television production. And of course, you can't make TV or movies without a celebrity or two, and we've been visited by many, from A-listers to teen heartthrobs to up-and-coming stars. But none of them have been quite as special as actor and comedian Will Sasso.

Will, who is most famous for being on five hilarious seasons of MadTV, is in Iqaluit to play a role on The Grizzlies (full disclosure: I am working on this movie, but I have not yet met Will), a feature film about the real Kugluktuk Grizzlies lacrosse team. But, once a comedian, always a comedian, and Will has been making Nunavummiut laugh - hard - thanks to Snapchat.

Note: If you have Snapchat, I recommend you follow Will (username willsasso). And hey, snap me, too! My username is an00ba (those are zeros).

Anyway, Will has been snapping away, and in doing so, has proven that Will Sasso in Iqaluit is everything you want from a visiting celebrity. Here's why. All images taken by Will Sasso.

Arnold in the Arctic.

Will is known for his Arnold Schwatzenegger impression, and he used that, in combination with Snapchat's face swap feature, to make this video. It's been viewed over 2.1 million times on Facebook; at least 1,611 of those are from me.

He appreciates our local landmarks.

This is but one of our three Timmies.


The "is the line too long to check my mail?" peek.



He goes shopping at North Mart.


And he posts gorgeous black and white photos like this.


And this.


And this.


One more...

Basically, Will Sasso in Iqaluit is the best because he's clearly loving it up here, having a great time, and sharing it with the world. I haven't seen anyone do it better - and might not, until the real Arnold comes up.