15 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2015


Another year end, another year-end roundup! 2015 was a great year for Finding True North, with 80 blog posts published over 12 months. Not surprisingly, the top 15 posts of the year reflect headlines and water cooler topics - politics, weather - but there are a few surprises in here as well. Scroll down for the 15 most-read blog posts on 2015 , and be sure to also check out the top 14 posts of 2014!

1. Polarman Update: One Year After Leaving Iqaluit

The most popular post of the year was my catch-up interview with Polarman - not surprising, as the Real Life Superhero's exit interview was the most viewed post of 2014.

2. First Taste: Big Racks Barbecue

3. What Happens When There's Ridiculous Fog in Iqaluit for 11 Days Straight

Truth: Northerners love to talk about the weather.

4. 7 Ways to Visit Iqaluit as a Leader and Look Like You Care

The 2015 Federal Election was a hot topic all year, and I published a number of interviews, roundups, summaries on the blog. None was as popular, however, as this tongue-in-cheek response to our former Prime Minister's epic fail of a visit to Iqaluit.

5. Best of Iqaluit 2014: The Results

The results of the first ever Best of Iqaluit poll! And hey, voting is still open for the Best of Iqaluit 2015, so if you haven't already done so, vote now to help us figure out which are the top businesses in town. Plus, you will be entered to win a prize pack worth over $400!

6. Here's What People Are Saying About the New Starbucks in Iqaluit

Spoiler alert: Iqalummiut love macchiatos.

7. Our One-On-One Interview with Justin Trudeau in Iqaluit

That moment when the future PM gives you the only one-on-one interview on his Northern tour.

8. 4 Young Nunavummiut React to the 2015 Federal Election Results

This is probably my favourite post of the year, because it features insight from four involved, intelligent, introspective young people I really look up to.

9. My Experience with Online Dating in Nunavut

A hilarious guest post by Ryan Oliver about the pleasures and pitfalls of online dating in Nunavut (more the latter than the former).

10. 26* Photos That Prove Summer in Nunavut Exists and It's Awesome

Again, we love to talk about the weather up here, don't we?*

*It was originally 36, but some of the Instagram photos/accounts are no longer there!

11. EXCLUSIVE: The Jerry Cans Music Video Debut, Plus Upcoming Shows and More

In this post, The Jerry Cans debuted their music video for "Alianait" and gave details on their summer tour.

12. The (Un)Written Rules of Housesitting in Iqaluit

The first and only guide for housesitting in Iqaluit!

13. Top 10 Toonik Tyme Photos from #TT50

The most-liked photos tagged to #TT50, Toonik Tyme's official hashtag, on Instagram.

14. 11 Iqaluit Facebook Pages You Need to Like

A handy dandy guide for anyone who wants to be in the know in Iqaluit.

15. Iqaluit Food Truck Roundup