13 Amazing Aurora Borealis Photos from Nunagram


A strong solar storm hit the Earth this week, bringing the Northern lights as far south as Vancouver and Toronto in Canada. Photographers around the world took to the skies and then the Internet to share their aurora borealis photos - including this amazing video of the lights from space.

In honour of this solar storm and the beauty it brought with it, we put together this list of northern lights photos taken in Nunavut. All of these shots were submitted to Nunagram, our weekly Instagram contest and hashtag, and feature the aurora as seen from across the territory (for more great photos by Nunavut photographers, check out our Top 14 Nunagram Winners of 2014). Here are our picks for 13 awesome aurora borealis photos from Nunagram - and great suggestions for Nunavut accounts to follow on Instagram!

1. Early morning aurora by @arped17 (Kugluktuk)

Enjoyed the #aurora last night in #Kugluktuk. Took this at 12:07am on Jan 3 2014

A photo posted by Angulalik (@arped17) on

2. Late night special feature by @cjonesphoto (Iqaluit)

Look up, #BaffinIsland late night special feature. #auroraborealis #nightwatch

A photo posted by Curtis Jones (@cjonesphoto) on

3. Long weekend lights by @arviamiut (Iqaluit)

4. Never gets old by @sarahontheroad (Pangnirtung)

5. Green to purple by @igloo939 (Iqaluit)

#nikon #iqaluit #nunavut #nunagram #ImagesofCanada #nikonphoto_ #aurora #northernLights #NikonViewBug3

A photo posted by Mosesie (@igloo939) on

6. Plasmatic explosion by @arturstanisz (Mount Asgard)

7. Half the sky by @qajaqconor (Kuujjuaruusik)

Arqsaniit/aurora borealis over Ungava Bay while camping at Kuujjuaruusik, January 24th. #kuujjuaq #nunavik #nunagram

A photo posted by Conor Goddard (@conorgoddard) on

8. Look up by @treenmcqueen (Baker Lake)

9. Way of the North by @eboomer (Iqaluit)

10. Finally it happened by @rileyjmckay (Iqaluit)

Well, it finally happened.

A photo posted by Riley McKay (@rileyjmckay) on

11. Solar storm by @baffin_photography (Iqaluit)

12. Lines of light by @igloo939 (Iqaluit)

#amazing #show #tonight #aurora #Nunavut #iqaluit #nunagram #8storey #D7100

A photo posted by Mosesie (@igloo939) on

13. Aurora view from Apex by @nunavut_images (Apex)

What do you think of these aurora borealis photos? Let us know in the comments - and don't forget to follow us on Instagram!