Iqaluit Blizzard: Timelapse Video


If you've read our most recent post, Diary of an Iqaluit Blizzard, you will know what a 24-hour Arctic blizzard feels like. But can you imagine what it looks like? Thanks to Taha Tabish and Brigitte "Bibi" Bilodeau (aka Your Coffee Girl - check her site!), you don't have to wonder much longer. Watch the powerful video below to see exactly what it looks like when a blizzard charges at you from the shore.


The blizzard this week was a doozy, with hurricane-force winds sustained at 111km/h (that's 69 mph), with peak gusts over 141 km/h (87.6 mph). As stated in this post (with another blizzard video!) from, "Whatever your winter hard luck story is, this year, we’re pretty sure Iqaluit just beat you fair and square". We are thankful that no one was seriously hurt and that the damage to the city was minimal.

Just in case you were wondering, this wasn't Iqaluit's first blizzard of the 13/14 winter season. That honour went to a storm on October 8th, chronicled in our photo essay, The Hunt for White October.

Thanks again to Taha and Bibi for this sweet timelapse. You can check out more of their Arctic and global antics on their YouTube page.

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