What to Buy at the Iqaluit Christmas Craft Sale


It's that time again, when Iqalummiut queue for up to an hour for access to possibly the best shopping experience of the year, the Iqaluit Christmas Craft Sale! The always-packed event is a great place to get your holiday shopping done - if you have a game plan, that is. So, for those of you who have never been to the market before, or those looking for a new item for a friend (or yourself!), here are my top picks for what to buy at the Iqaluit Christmas Craft Sale.

Of course, these are just my favourite Iqaluit Christmas Craft Sale finds, and by no means an exhaustive list of what is available at the fair. For a broader range of shopping suggestions, check out my holiday gift guide or this post on shopping in Iqaluit.

Earrings by KV Lindell ($80+)

New locks and lobes courtesy of the fabulous @arnariinaq of Jenn87/Freedom Hair in #Iqaluit.

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I love a simple, elegant earring that also makes a statement, and these studs from KV Lindell fit the bill perfectly. Handmade from ivory, these earrings are great for everyday and special occasions. The pair pictured here are the ones I wear most often, though I do own other sets. Pricing corresponds to the size and style of the earrings. Oh, and these sell out fast!

Ulu by Moe Lewis ($80+)

My go-to gift, Moe's uluit are real standouts. My ulu is well-used, as is the one I gave to my mother, my brother, my in-laws, my friends who just got married...it really is a great tool for anyone on your list! Priced according to size, all handmade with care.

Sealskin headband by Victoria Kakuktinniq ($70+)

Photo by Clare Kines.

Photo by Clare Kines.

This is a new favourite. Stylish, warm, and useful for those of us trying to avoid hat hair. I opted for a fairly thin, plain band; thicker, embroidered options are also available (and super lovely as well). Check out Victoria's Arctic Fashion on Facebook for her full line of outerwear and accessories.

Igloo ring by Mat Nuqingaq ($160)

I wear this ring everyday. I just think it's so clever and cute and well-crafted. It's made from sterling silver and comes in a variety of sizes. You can take a look at Mat's other designs on his Facebook page. Any and everything is worth the splurge!

Earrings by Elisapee Davidee Aningmiuq (???)

This. This is why I am going to the Iqaluit Christmas Craft Sale, to purchase these earrings. I have only seen them once, on Elisapee's daughter's ears. There are no photos online and I have no idea how much they cost. All I know is that they are lovely little circles of white, scraped sealskin, framed delicately in silver, some with tunniit, some without. And I want them.

Do you have suggestions for what to buy at the Iqaluit Christmas Craft Sale? I'd love to hear them! Leave a comment below or join the discussion on Facebook.