Last Minute DIY Iqaluit Halloween Costumes


Last year, Sara, Justin, and I wore DIY costumes inspired by Nunavut headlines for Halloween. I was the infamous dumpcano, Justin was an adorable sealfie, and Sara was a zombie First Air-Canadian North airline merger.

This year's news stories have also provided plenty of fodder for Iqaluit Halloween costumes. Check out the suggestions below, and be sure to read my guide to Halloween at the Iqaluit Legion if you plan to show off your creations at the city's largest haunted bash.

Jack Anawak*

With everyone just coming off their 2015 Federal Election buzz, a political costume is a surefire way to let people know that you, too, pay attention to the news. You could choose any of the MP Candidates, but Jack definitely has the most distinctive, easy-to-represent style. You'll need Jack's signature sealskin vest, an orange tie, kamiik, a mustache, and of course, an #OrangeistheNewJack pin.

Politician Surrounded by Dump Trucks

Speaking of the election, remember when a former political leader visited Iqaluit and barricaded himself against almost everyone? Represent that campaign flub on Halloween - just make sure no one sees your face!

To get this look, wear a suit and tie, and attach the toy or paper trucks to some kind of wire that surrounds your face. If you want to make this a group costume, ask 3-4 friends to dress as dump trucks and block people from accessing you all night.

Tourist Polar Bear

Generic Arctic animals are always popular, but this year, the polar bear has a special significance in the capital. Iqaluit saw a record number of the apex animals wander through town this summer, a few of which disappeared into the tundra after their visit.

To make this work, don a polar bear costume, store-bought or DIY, and add a "I visited Iqaluit and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" t-shirt to brand yourself as a 2015 Iqaluit Polar Bear.

Sea Ice and Sealift

Apparently, the Titanic and an Iceberg is a popular couples' costume. Well, Iqaluit had her own ice-and-boat issues this year thanks to some unseasonably dreary weather in July.

Nunauvutize the Titanic/iceberg idea by changing it to sealift/sea ice. One half your duo can wear a DIY or purchased boat costume with NEAS logo added, and the other, well, whatever it takes to look like a chunk of ice. The latter will have to make like a dump truck on Harper and block the heck out of the cargo ship.

I'll bet you guys can think of way more Iqaluit Halloween costumes, so if you do, be sure to share them in the comments or join the discussion on Facebook. And should you happen to use one of the costume ideas here, please snap a photo and share it with us on Twitter or Instagram!

*Don't worry - I asked Jack's permission before including him on this list!