Nunagram in the News


Dear readers, this will be a bit of a "boast post," if you will oblige us with this moment of celebratory blogging. Nunagram is in the news - and we're so excited! The little hashtag that could has been featured by the CBC, the Hamilton Spectator, and the Huffington Post

First, your favourite ex-VJ George Stromboulopoulos featured our 15 Must-See Nunagrams for Nunavut Day post in his Nunavut Day write up for the CBC, mentioning the contest and featuring this photo from @rileyjmckay:

Next, we made it all the way to Hammer Town, in the Hamilton Spectator's article, Nunavut Instagram Challenge Shows Colours of the True North. They went on to say that Nunagram provides "a new outlet to show the world...a stunning look at the vast, sparsely populated" territory of Nunavut. The Spec also included over three dozen of their favourite nunagram shots, including this moonlight landscape of Pond Inlet by @helloooooooonurse:

And most recently, the Huffington Post showed us a lot of love with their post entitled, Finding True North Showcases Nunavut at its Most Beautiful. HuffPo wrote that the Nunagram Contest "has yielded some absolutely breathtaking photos that show a cold landscape teeming with life." Not surprisingly, their curated list of Nunagram photos contained this capture of the northern lights above Kugluktuk, posted by @arped17.

KUGLUKTUK, NU: Wowee, here's the one you've been waiting for! The aurora in all its glory, skillfully shot by @arped17.

A photo posted by Finding True North (@findtruen) on

We are overwhelmed by the support and recognition given to Nunagram, not only by these media outlets, but by the faithful photographers who tag every post, every picture. We love scrolling through the hashtag and marvelling at Nunavut's many delights - from tiny tundra flowers to towering icebergs to laughing children - and it seems like other people are starting to notice. With thousands of entries and new ones being added every day, Nunagram is a growing community of nuna-lovers and friends.

For more information on the contest and the hashtag, read our introductory post, follow us on Instagram, and check out the hashtag! And of course, keep your eye on the blog for more Nunagram in the news.